First Class Flexible Storage, Warehousing
and Bonded Facilities for Cyprus

Warehousing and Bonded Services

Christoudias Logistics specializes in warehousing and distribution services. We supply first class flexible versatile facilities, storing large quanitities of products ranging from household products to sportswear, foodstuff, electronics and much more.

Our warehouse includes over
11,000 sq. meters of total space.
The Christoudias Logistics warehouse is located near the centre of Nicosia providing over 11,000sq meters of total operational capacity with temperature isolated ceilings and epoxy painted floors in a secure environment which is monitored 24 hrs a day with a burglar and fire alarm system. This includes 5000 sq. meters of covered area and 800 pallet positions can accommodate cold storage.

The warehouse is equipped with a combination of racks, to allow the handling of palletized and non-palletized products, small or bulky products. Whatever the product, our warehousing and distribution services are flexible enough to handle all kinds of products.

Regular re-investment has equipped our warehouses with the latest equipment, including mobile ramps enabling containers or loose deliveries to be de-vanned quickly and be delivered directly to their assigned locations.

All warehouses equipped with a central electronic stock control system. This, combined with modern efficient picking equipment operated by experienced and fully-trained staff means efficient handling, minimum risk of damage and quick turn around when required.

The computerized warehouse stock control allows all consignments to be tracked and traced through initial check-in, storage, distribution, and final delivery. While the majority of the warehousing is occupied on a shared user basis, we can also provide dedicated facilities, staff, vehicles and systems if required.

Our Warehouse also provides a bonded facility for clients that wish to place their goods under a bonded status. This allows them from deferring in paying local taxes upon arrival of their goods and re-exporting if they wish to do so. This facilitates triangular commerce for our clients allowing them to use Cyprus as a staging destination for re-exporting to any European destination.

The future of our warehousing and distribution services here at Christoudias Logistics is based on the future of our blue-chip and small-business clients. Offering aach of our clients a dedicated level of service has enabled Christoudias Logistics to lead the way in warehousing and distribution.

Our Warehouses Feature:
  • 11,000 sq. meters of total capacity
  • Temperature-isolated ceilings
  • Epoxy-painted floors
  • 24-hour burglar and fire monitoring
  • 5,000 sq. meters of covered storage
  • 800 pallet positions to accomodate cold storage
  • Mobile ramps for efficient de-vanning
  • Central electronic stock control
  • Modern picking equipment with fully-trained staff